Law & Order UK: the day before

Law & Order: UK

Law & Order: UK

It’s Sunday – the day before the pilot episode…

First off, it’s safe to say that I’m not an ardent fan of Law & Order. I prefer SVU, but I don’t really follow either one. It’s a bloody good show, but I’m just not that into procedural cop dramas (Spooks and NCIS being the exceptions to that rule). But there’s no WAY I’m missing the UK version of this multi award-winning franchise.

Let’s see just how much we can mess up this formula. Will it be a car-crash pastiche of the original? Will it be a cheap-as-chips knock off – quite literally the ‘poor cousin’? Or will it be the best thing since sliced-bread and quite possibly the saviour of British television?

Well, it’s on ITV1, which bodes ill, as I watch about 1 hour a year of that cultural wasteland. It’s the televisual equivalent of the gossip rag “Closer.”

But, it’s produced by Kudos, who make the only British dramas worth watching (Spooks, Hustle, Life on Mars), it’s 13 parts, so at least it can be globally syndicated (I can’t believe it’s take the UK industry decades to figure out why their 6-part shite never sells abroad) and it’s got one helluva cast.

There’s that fella from BSG, whatsherface from Dr. Who, a bloke off Corrie, RSC lady, him from “Cutting It” and that guy from all those period dramas.

So we’re onto a winner, demographically, as this (the above) is exactly how the Great British viewing public think of Jamie Bamber, Freema Agyeman, Bradley Walsh, Harriet Walter, Ben Daniels and Bill Paterson – excellent actors all, but not exactly the ‘household names’ they deserve to be.

Mind you, the launch of this show is a tough-sell when the number one story in the uk is the imminent death of an utter nobody z-list so-called celebrity, who gained her fame from a gameshow and her notoriety for her racism.

Ho hum.

Sidebar: I’m perversely hopeful that Slumdog get its arse kicked at the Oscars tonight. I’ve nothing personal against the movie or anyone who made it, but I’m sick to death of the British press banging on about this movie like it’s the second coming and the saviour of the British Film Industry (a misnomer I’ve previously discussed).

I don’t care how good the movie is, it’s just one movie. Show me a whole stable fill of hits and I’ll get excited about British film. Is anyone else old enough to remember Colin Welland getting his Oscar and proclaiming to Hollywierd that “the British are coming”? I nearly vomited blood when he said that. What an ass.

Even when I worked in telly, I knew fine well that our American cousins are just better at doing it than us. I never had a chip on my shoulder about that fact, unlike a great many of my co-workers. I just did my bit and got on with it. But I really hope that Law & Order UK doesn’t shame us. It could be brilliant, or it could, once and for all, prove what a talent-vacuum we have become.

Fingers-crossed it’s not the latter.


~ by mchawk on 22 February, 2009.

One Response to “Law & Order UK: the day before”

  1. i thought L&O UK was HORRID. Hammy acting and obvious dialogue. Bradley fucking Walsh for god’s sake.

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