Doctors should just suck it up

James Dean - cool as fuck

James Dean - cool as fuck

Don’t get me started on the Nanny State – too late, you’ve woken Grumpy Bear.

A bunch of unelected Scrubs are getting all uppity about how cool people in moves are, because their own lives suck so hard.

Unable to differentiate between twenty B&H and a drill-bit to the face, these whingeing labcoats are appealing to the censors (actually, they’re not appealing to anyone – fnar fnar) to look upon the ancient and gentlemanly art of smoking as something to be rated “18”.

But surely,” you cry, “thou are having a giraffe?

Doctors fume at glamorisation of smoking in films

By Jeremy Laurance
Monday, 7 July 2008

Film stars who smoke on screen should attract the attention of the censor in the same way as they would if they were engaged in extreme sex or violence, doctors say.

Films that show smoking in a way that “condones, encourages or glamorises” the activity should be considered for reclassification – restricting them to an older audience, the British Medical Association said. The association called yesterday for new curbs on the promotion of smoking in the media and said the Government should set a target to make England smoke-free by 2035.

More than one in five adults smokes and most start before they are 18 when they are most vulnerable to images that “increase the allure of the habit”, the BMA said in a report from its board of science.

The portrayal of smoking in films declined from 1950 to 1990, but has since increased. The poster for the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction, showing a sultry Uma Thurman smoking, was a gift to the tobacco industry and an example of the sort of image the BMA wants to outlaw. In the US, smoking has increased in films targeted at teenagers since 2002, the report says.

The BMA says films showing smoking in a positive light should also be preceded by an anti-smoking advert. A similar strategy to curb the promotion of cigarettes on television led to the voluntary withdrawal of tobacco advertising in the 1970s.

Optionally, you could take a deep breath and bend your knees while I drive James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder up your pompous posterior, sir.

Have you seen “Good Night, and Good Luck“? Brilliant film. Came away from that movie NOT wanting a cig, despite most of the characters chainsmoking throughout the movie.

You watched any Bogart movies recently? No? Why the hell not! He smoked like a bastard and I’ve never once had the urge to light-up watching his flicks.

The only bit of “Constantine” I don’t like is the bit where Johnny quits the tabs – what a pussy.

Why, why, why God why do well-educated, middle-class white people (in this case, the BMA) insist on trying to “fix” things that they have no knowledge of. Have they spent years studying movies? No. They’ve spent years studying each other’s bottoms and polishing the Chief of Medicine’s car.

BTW – this phrase “attract the attention of the censor” – I hate to point this out, but we don’t live in a fascist state (no – really!). We don’t have censors – we have the British Board of Film Classification. I think they dropped the word “Censor” back in the seventies. Right around the time Dr. Codger M.D. was graduating medical school. Thirty years before Mr. “Oh I should have gone into private practice” realised that he was culturally irrelevant.

There are vast chasms filled with regret and Grecian 2000 between the BMA and an Oscar.

BACK AWAY FROM THE MOVIES you loathsome ticks. When I want my prostate checked, I’ll come see you. When I want a movie made, I go talk to someone with at least half a clue.

In the immortal words of Bill Hicks: “The only reason I don’t quit smoking I that I don’t want to become one of you non-smokers. Whining, sanctimonious…”


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